17 Sites To Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose For PhD

The time has come to apply for your PhDs. It’s the final step in your academic life. It is going to define you and determine your entire professional life and career. Yeah, you’re probably sweating enough as it is. You know you’re good, better than most of your colleagues even. But how to stand out? How to enter that perfect studies you worked all these years for when it all comes to something intangible. Yep, the truth is that it all comes down to writing that perfect statement of purpose to dazzle the University staff and get admitted. Well, this article is here to ease the pain and help you in your ways at getting in on that perfect Ph.D. studies you always dreamed of attending.

  1. Statement of Purpose for PhDThis service is probably the best one out there. Yep, you’ll have to pay for it, but it will give you so many restful nights that it’s just worth a go.
  2. PrepscholarIt’s a service and it’s really proud of its work, giving this 7 free successful samples. Check them out.
  3. StanfordOne of the most prestigious colleges is giving some awesome advice you don’t want to miss.
  4. Next ScientistSure, you know about the things you should put in, but what about the things you shouldn’t?
  5. PSUDon’t miss on this important advice from Portland State University.
  6. Masters PortalHave a look at European criteria and you just might create something really special.
  7. AlumnusThis Cali Tech alumnus shares some brilliant insight and also offers her database of letter samples.
  8. Papyrus NewsMaybe an outdated article, but you know how they say: oldies are goldies.
  9. UoHHawaii’s are not just a place for rest and fun. They also have strong academic background and you should probably stop to read this one.
  10. StudentialStudential is a safe haven for many students, and you should probably seek some wisdom here as well.
  11. UCLAUCLA gives some great advice if you plan to major in technology, science or maths.
  12. PhD PortalWant to get PhDs in literature? Best visit this portal and you’re good to go.
  13. Top UniversitiesThis site is all you’ll ever need to nail this thing and enjoy the rest of the summer.
  14. University Of IllinoisNot important if you’re going for UoI or not, this advice here goes a long way with some great key points.
  15. Rossier OnlineCheck out these 10 steps, follow them and dazzle anyone.
  16. My Grad SchoolThis blog takes student consulting on a whole new level, be sure to give it some attention.
  17. OxfordNever miss out on advice from Oxford. Those guys know their business, just let them guide your way to success.

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